My practice is a space for contemplating transformations of water, weather, and porous boundaries of the body. I create installations of expanded cinema in which dream-like gestures well up within habitual routines. The installations combine projected video, sound, fountains, repurposed light fixtures, and dislocated windows and doors.

I use techniques such as cuts, repetition, mirroring, and simultaneity when working with recordings, to engage with notions of time. I hope to shift linear playback as past>present>future to be more like cycles of seasons, spirals of weather, translations of memory, and ruptures of coincidence.

In my current work, window blinds, acrylic light fixtures, and radio antennas are activated by video projections and water circuits. These objects, familiar from spaces I grew up in, now exist in the backgrounds of my photographs and memories. They are reservoirs of personal traces, intimacy, and home, and signify the ubiquity of mass production. I combine these objects with the visual movement and sounds of dripping water, as well as cycles of lights turning on and off to create rhythms of change and return.